Driving in a Winter Wonderland

Welcome to winter in Minnesota! As always, we are happy to help you live a car-light lifestyle – in all seasons. This is a brief winter update for you to hopefully answer any questions you may have about how we handle the snowy season with a fleet of 60+ cars.

1. Oh my gosh, I’ve never driven in snow before! Don’t worry, you can do it! Just take it slow. Leave plenty of distance between you and the car in front of you, start slowly, and begin braking early and gently. If you stomp on the gas, you’re going to spin your wheels; if you slam on the brakes, there’s a good chance you’re going to slide. Go light on the gas, light on the brakes, and don’t expect to get anywhere in a rush. And please turn your headlights on!

2. Hey, the car is covered in snow! If you look in the backseat, hatch or trunk of the car, you will find both a shovel and a brush with an ice scraper. We can’t get out to clean off all the cars during a snowstorm, so please use the brush to clean off all of the windows and lights before you drive. If you discover that the car has neither a brush nor a shovel, please call us in the office (612-343-2277) to report it and we will get a new one out to the car ASAP.

3. Why is the car’s parking spot not plowed out? We wait until the end of a snowfall to send our plowing team out to the cars, and have them all plowed out within 24 hours of the end of the snow. Many of our cars are parked in surface parking lots that are plowed by the lot owners. In order to avoid our cars being plowed in, we let the lot owners finish their plowing, and then plow out our spot after they are done.

4. It’s snowing too hard – I really don’t want to drive in this. No problem. Call us at 612-343-2277 and let us know that you are cancelling your reservation due to the bad weather, and we will waive the cancellation fee.

If you have any other questions about driving in the snow, please give us a call at 612-343-CARS (2277) or drop us an e-mail; we’re happy to help.

Thanks for car-sharing with us!

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