HOURCAR Nicknames!

Today’s post is written by Addison, one of our great Member Services team. They are one of the fine folks who help out our members during the day and on the weekends. Take it away Addison…

As an HOURCAR Member Services Specialist, my work is often paradoxical. While Riley and I don’t often meet members face-to-face, we are on a first-name basis with many of our members. As it turns out, many of you are on a first-name basis…with your HOURCAR. The Member Services team gets the delightful experience of hearing the nicknames you fine folks have bestowed on your favorite cars in our fleet. 

The Hyatt Ramp Honda has long been referred to as “Herbie” by one Loring Park resident. One member’s eight year old daughter calls the Civic at 222 Hennepin “Blueberry”. Earlier this week, I learned that a South Minneapolis user christened the Hope Community hatchback as “Black Mamba”.

We are delighted to know that our member-base has such a friendly relationship with our vehicles and we would love to hear any nicknames that haven’t been shared with us yet. We look forward to hearing from you! 

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