Car Sharing and Tikku Houses

At Hourcar we are always thinking and talking about reducing individual car-ownership. We discuss how it will improve our cities and make them friendlier, healthier, and more accessible for their inhabitants.  But, what comes after car ownership? In the ultimate shared-mobility utopia, where each car sharing vehicle has successfully removed 14 self-owned vehicles from the road, what will the landscape look like?

It’s easy to envision that in some time period, maybe twenty to thirty years from now the decrepit parking lots that once housed barely used vehicles will turn in to high rise condominiums.  It’s easy to imagine, because that’s what is already happening in our cities and across the country. But, is there a different way to use these parking spaces? A more affordable and accessible way to turn vacant parking spaces in to housing?  A Helsinki based design firm took a very literal approach to that question by designing a fully functional and structurally sound living space confined to the footprint of a standard parking stall.  Read more about the Tikku house via the link below.

The Tikku house caught my imagination.  I love the simplicity and streamlined nature of living in such a small space, and the thought of living in a parking spot seems much more appealing when I start thinking about the parking lots where I might put my Tikku house. On top of a downtown Minneapolis parking garage where I could enjoy the skyline views nightly, or maybe in a lot on the edge of the Mississippi river gorge so I could enjoy one of our city’s best natural resource everyday.  Let us know, where would you put your Tikku house?

Photo Credit: Jenni Gaestgivar/Iltalehti

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